Feock Methodists
Celebrating 150 Years

150 Years at Feock Methodist Church

In 2016 we celebrated our 150th Anniversary. We arranged a variety of events to mark this special occasion.

Methodists are first evident in Feock in 1780s and there has been a Chapel built in the current location since 1819. The current building, with a date stone showing 1866 in Roman numerals over the front door, has been the place of worship for many generations of families that still attend today. We used the 150th anniversary to celebrate the legacy of those who have gone before us and the future of our Christian witness from this place.

Listen to the Anniversary Service

Listen to the anniversary service led by Jonathan Froggatt.

Listen to the Harvest Service 2016

Listen to the harvest service led by Revd Steve Wild.

Anniversary Exhibition Video

Watch the Anniversary Weekend Exhibition Video

Click Here to watch on YouTube